Puma Zumba Shoes – Janine Dance

The Janine Dance – Puma Zumba Shoes are great for Zumba, they only narrowly missed out on joining our list of best Zumba shoes, but they are still the best Zumba shoes for woman we have seen released from Puma. The Janine has a low profile design, they’re thin, with no extra bulk which is ideal for dancing.

dancing zumba shoes for women

The soles are made of rubber, with grip sections to hug the floor when you need to, such when you lunge or land from a jump. They also feature the pivot point, which is a must for Zumba; wearing normal running sneakers won’t cut it. If you’ve ever come out of Zumba class with sore knees or ankles you’ll know what I mean here, this is usually caused by too much friction on your shoes, the grips are too grippy. This is where the pivot points come into their own, they provide a small area of sole under the ball of your foot, which has no grip at all.

The pivot point area is large enough to allow you use it to twist and turn, but small enough that you don’t spend all class falling on your face (well not as a result of your shoes anyway 🙂 ).

rubber sole puma zumba shoes

Laces stay tied in place and are have a thin profile, some people find this great, while others think they’re a bit too thin similar to ribbon.

zumba shoes for women laces  

The main body of the shoe is made of a synthetic leather, this does mean when you first get them they’ll seem a bit stiff, but don’t worry after a while they start to break in and soften up.

synthetic-leather puma zumba shoes  

The soles are very thin and flat; this means you won’t get much arch support and cushioning is limited to that provided by the insole, however it does help to keep these Puma Zumba shoes very light weight and extremely flexible.

lightweight Puma Zumba Shoes

The insoles are excellent – made by Ortholite, they help draw moisture away from your feet. Air can circulate throught the 3 layers of the insole, keeping them breathable and helping them remain odor free. If they do get a bit dirty or smelly, you can simply remove them and put in the washing machine on a low heat.

puma zumba shoes insole

Zumba Shoes for Women – 14 Awesome Color Designs

The Janine come in 14 different girl friendly color designs making them ideal Zumba shoes for women.

Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 1
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 2
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 3
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 4
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 5
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 6
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 7
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 8
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 9
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 10
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 11
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 12
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 13
Puma Zumba Shoes - Janine Dance 14

See them on Amazon and chose the color design you want! If you’re looking for something else check out our Zumba Shoes Pal, to search and filter for the pair based on your specific needs.