Ryka Shoes for Zumba

Ryka are loved by many as the footwear of choice for Zumba class, but what does Ryka have to offer YOU?
Let’s take a look and see 6 of the best Zumba shoes that Ryka has to offer.

Ryka specialize in manufacturing fitness shoes designed for women.They don’t just take a man’s shoe and size it down, they realized back in the 1980’s that a woman’s foot is a different shape to a man’s, so Ryka build their footwear around the requirements of women. As women have wider hips than men, the angle between a woman’s knee and her hip is greater, this in turn shifts more weight onto the outside of a woman’s foot leading more to over-pronation, requiring more stability during the foot strike.

A Women’s skeletal structure, muscle movement and foot shape is different compared to a man’s:

  • Narrower in the heels
  • Wider relative forefoot
  • Weaker arch

With their specialization in women only fitness shoes
– Ryka may produce the best Zumba shoes for you.

You have 6 main options when looking to buy Ryka Sneakers for Zumba, each are not only designed for a woman’s foot but designed for dancing, with features like pivot points and glide bars so you can twist and turn without the knee pain experienced trying to do Zumba in normal sneakers.

ryka zumba shoes wordle

Many more color’s available, see below….

Ryka Synergy Zumba Shoe

The Ryka Synergy Zumba shoe is the second most popular shoe for class

Here’s why:
zumba shoes ryka synergy upper

The upper of the Synergy is made of synthetic mesh & leather it is both lightweight and breathable, helping to keep you feet cool and dry.

zumba shoes ryka synergy sole

The rubber sole is full length, with tread that is ideal for Zumba allowing you to twist and turn without slipping.

zumba shoes ryka synergy comfort

You can custom fit the width of the Synergy shoe around your toes, by tightening or loosening the toe box on the shoe via the Velcro strap. The Ryka Synergy has great arch support, so ideal is if you tend to get sore arches, however it does not much additional cushioning for high impact so if you tend to get sore heals or shins look elsewhere.

The mesh lining helps to further add to the breathability. The tongue is fairly long and well padded, some people find this annoying saying it rubs, while others appreciate it for the extra padding provided on the front of the ankle.

zumba shoes Ryka Synergy colors

You can buy the Ryka Synergy Zumba Shoe in three different color styles of black and green, black and pink or silver and blue.

Ryka Studio D Zumba Shoes

The Studio D are another of the most popular pair of Ryka shoes for Zumba, this is probably due to their relatively low price when compared with other Zumba shoes.
zumba shoes ryka studio d upper
The upper features a synthetic mesh which helps to keep the shoe breathable and lightweight

zumba shoes ryka studio d sole
The Studio D’s rubber sole has mild flexibility and cushioning but certainly not the best, however the circular pivot spots are great for twisting, you can glide during class but will not slip when you lunge.

zumba shoes ryka studio d comfort
Inside there is a sock liner and lightly padded collar for comfort, the tongue also has soft foam padding for the comfort of the top of your feet. They are available in half sizes, but do run small so you’ll need to buy a ½ size larger than your street sneakers.

zumba shoes ryka studio d colors
Studio D comes in 2 different design color schemes or light gray and white or black

Ryka Transition Zumba Shoes

Transition are the most popular Ryka Zumba shoes, they are worn to far more Zumba classes than any other Ryka shoe.

ryka transition zumba shoe upper
The upper portion of the Transition has an air mesh which makes the sneaker breathable all the way around you foot. It has synthetic overlays, which provide the structure over the mesh, but they won’t provide you much side support for lateral movement (if you need the lateral support see Ryka Influence below).

ryka transition zumba shoe sole
The rubber soles are perfect for Zumba, you can easily twist without knee pain because of the pivot spots, the zig zag smooth sole areas (shown in red in the shoes above), gives you just enough low friction area to help you glide yet the diamond shaped gribs hold you to the floor just when you need it.

ryka transition zumba shoe comfort
One of the most comfortable sneakers the Transition have soft Ortholite insoles, which further help with the breathability, draw moisture away from your feet and provide some cushioning.

None of the Ryka Zumba shoes have huge cushioning so if that’s what you’re after you’re probably better looking to one of the other brands of Zumba Shoes.

The Transition do however provide excellent arch and heel support – which will feel a bit stiff to start with but soon breaks in. They are nice and wide with plenty of room if you have wide feet and or toes and that mesh upper helps to ensure the Transition is one of the most flexible Zumba shoes.

ryka transition zumba shoes colors
Ryka Transition for Zumba are available in 2 different color designs, either black and red or white and blue as shown above.

Influence Ryka Zumba Shoes for Women

Influence are loved by many women as great Ryka Zumba shoes, the key thing you’d like about Influence is they are so lightweight.
influence-ryka zumba shoes for women upper
The upper shoe construction has a synthetic gauze material which allows your feet to breath and helps keep the weight of the shoe down.

influence ryka zumba shoes for women sole
The sole features both pivot points, which allow you the flexibility of twisting without ankle or knee pain and the rotations grip, which supports your twists but still gives you grip when you need it.

influence ryka zumba shoes for women comfort
The Ryka Influence are built for women with comfort in mind, while you won’t find much cushioning in the sole, they have a soft inner with particularly comfortable heel area. They have great arch support and wide toe area and built in stability to support you during lateral movement.

influence ryka zumba shoes for women colors
Influence Ryka Zumba Shoes for Women come in 5 great design styles as above

  • Black & Pink
  • White & Pink
  • Blue & Pink
  • Light Blue & Gray
  • Light Green & Gray

Like many dance shoes the Influence tend to run a half size too small, so if you like to wear socks during your workout, look at buying a half size larger than normal.

Downbeat – Ryka Dance Shoes for Zumba

If you love Ryka but are looking for more ankle support than normal, look no further than Downbeat Ryka dance shoes for Zumba.

downbeat ryka dance shoes zumba upper
The high tops provide excellent ankle support and the long tongue gives added support and comfort to the front on ankle and lower leg. The Velcro strap allows you a custom wide fit, pulling in the sides as much or little as you need.

downbeat ryka dance shoes zumba sole
The rubber soles on the Download are the same as the ever so popular Transition, with pivot points to allow you to twist, gliding zone to offer a section of low friction to help you glide and the diamond grips to stop exactly when you need to.

downbeat ryka dance shoes zumba light
Like most other Ryka Zumba shoes you don’t get that much cushioning in the sole, but the inside provides lots of support and padding for comfort and the toe area wider than normal, great if your feet are on the wide side.

Despite all this padding and ankle support the Downbeat still manages to stay very light weight.

downbeat ryka dance shoes zumba colors
The Downbeats typically run a half size too small, so unless you’re going to go sockless go for a half size larger than normal. Available in 5 different color designs, you can grab a great pair of light weight, twist enabling ankle supporting Downbeats in whatever color suits you:

  • Black
  • Gray & Purple
  • Blue & Red
  • Grey & Pink
  • Black & Purple

Exertion Ryka for Zumba Shoes

One of the most flexible and breathable shoes many women wear the Exertion Ryka for Zumba class with joy.

exertion ryka for zumba shoes upper
The upper portion of the Ryka Exertion is made of mesh with a synthetic overlay for support. This mesh is very breathable & lightweight and results in the shoe being extremely flexible.

exertion ryka for zumba shoes sole
The exertion have sole grips the same as the Transition and Downbeat, with a pivot point for twisting, smooth sections for gliding and the diamond grip for when you need to stop.

exertion ryka for zumba shoes comfortable
The wide toe area of the Exertion will give you lots of width, so are ideal if you have wide feet and the inner padding is very comfortable and supporting, however there is not much arch support when compared to other Ryka models. As with many dance shoes they do run a bit small, so if you plan on wearing socks with them, choose a half size larger than normal.

exertion ryka zumba shoes colors
If you want a pair of Exertion Ryka for Zumba there’s a great selection of 6 different color designs to choose from:

  • Blank & Pink
  • Gray & Blue
  • Black & Purple
  • Grey & Red
  • Blue & Light Blue
  • Silver & Purple

Best Ryka Shoes for Zumba

So now you’ve seen them all in detail how do they stack up comparatively against each other?

cheapest ryka zumba shoes studio d

If you’re simply after the cheapest Ryka shoe around then go for the Studio D.

best ankle support downbeat

If you need the best ankle support Ryka has to offer then choose yourself a pair of the Downbeat.

best arch support transition

If you suffer from sore arches and want to get the most arch support available, Transitions will be best for you.

best heel support influence transition

If you need the most heel support around then get yourself a pair of either Influence or Transition.

best lateral support influence

For lateral support during your side movements the Influence are the best Ryka has.

most flexible ryka exertion transition

If it’s flexibility you value the most then get yourself a pair of either the Exertion or the Transition.

most popular ryka transition

If you’re simply looking for the most popular Ryka shoe for Zumba, because of many of the reasons above you’ll want a pair of Transition – by far the most popular.

Finally if after looking through all of these Zumba shoes that Ryka has to offer you still don’t find what you’re looking for, then take a look at our Zumba Shoes Pal, to see the best Zumba shoes across all brands.