• Zumba Shoes – Nike, the Options

    Nike is at heart, a manufacture of running shoes, so it’s no surprise we’re not inundated with Nike Zumba shoes for women.

    Nike didn’t make the cut for our Zumba Shoes Pal, but if like me you’ve grown up wearing the likes of Nike classics or Nike Air Max you may have developed an affinity for the Nike brand, they’re certainly the first place I look when shopping for a new running shoe….but can they cut it for Zumba shoes, does Nike make good Zumba shoes for women?

    Here are your 3 best options:

  • Nike Zumba Shoes for Women – The Nike Musique Zumba Shoe

    Option 1 & 2 are the Nike Musique IV Zumba Shoe, which comes in 2 different designs:

    1. Gray/Vivid Pink/Black with synthetic and mesh upper
    2. Black & white with synthetic and leather upper

    Here’s an existing review from you tube on the Gray Nike Musique Zumba shoe:


    nike musique zumba shoe

    The gray mesh version of the Nike Musique IV offers a bit more breathability than the black leather version, but after that it’s mainly down to a design preference

    nike musique zumba dancing shoe

    The Nike Musique IV Zumba shoe is one of the few Nike shoes that has been specifically made with dancing in mind, the low profile of the shoe allows you the room to flex your ankles.

    nike musique zumba pivot point

    The all important pivot point provides you a section of the sole, which will allow you to twist and turn during your Zumba class, preventing you from getting the knee pain so familiar with doing Zumba in normal running shoes. The black area of the soles provides a circular grip, enhancing your ability to twist and turn but helping to ensure so you won’t slip during your lunges, jumps or when generally shaking your mamma gave ya.

  • Nike Zumba Sneakers – The Nike Women’s Free 5.0+ Running Shoe

    Option number three is the Nike Women’s Free 5.0+ Running Shoe…..yes a running shoe.

    The Nike womens free 5.0 is a minimalistic running shoe, made for running and to allow your feet the flexibility to move naturally, as they would if you were running barefoot. In general minimalistic running shoes share a number of characteristics with the best Zumba shoes.

    For example the Nike free 5.0 has the following in common with Zumba’s own Zumba Kickz II

    • Ultra light weight
    • Super flexible
    • Very Breathable

    nike zumba shoe nike free upper

    The mesh upper helps keep the shoe light weight and very breathable.

    nike zumba shoe nike free flixible

    The cuts through the sole reduce the overall weight of the shoe but are mainly intended to provide you super flexibility, allowing your foot to move as naturally as it would if you were barefoot.

    nike zumba shoe nike free wide sole

    On a negative note for Zumba, the Nike free 5.0 is still built with running in mind rather than dancing, as such it has a sole designed for moving you forwards rather than sideways. There are no pivot points and the sole is wider than the upper, this has the effect that you may find yourself tripping at first until you get used to lifting your feet enough during a Zumba side slide.

    As with the Zumba Kickz II they have almost zero cushioning, so not what you should be using if you’re new to dancing, Zumba or haven’t done any foot conditioning such as running in barefoot shoes in the past. These are typically the type of shoe that may be suitable for a Zumba instructor, but not someone just starting.

    A final point beloved by many are the varied bright color designs the Nike Free comes in, ideal for Zumba class.

    nike zumba shoe design selection

  • Which are the Best Nike Shoes for Zumba?

    So which of these three options are the best Nike shoes for Zumba?

    As you see from above, when choosing Nike Zumba shoes for women, you need to focus on you specifically and your needs, as what’s best for one will not always be best for another:

    If you’re not married to the Nike brand there are better shoes for Zumba from other brands, for example none of the Nike Zumba shoes are suitable if you need maximum cushioning, but if it’s Nike you’re after:

    • If you’re new to Zumba go for the Nike Musique IV
      • If you want the most breathability go for the
        gray mesh design
        , if not choose the black leather design
      • If you’re a bit more experienced at Zumba, dancing or have had a opportunity to strengthen your feet, the Nike Free 5.0 are a great Zumba shoe, but beware of the side step.

    Check out our Zumba Shoes pal for the best shoes for Zumba across any brand.