Are you looking to strengthen your arms, chest, back and core muscles?

A wall mounted pull up bar is a great investment to achieve your fitness goals…..but which one should you buy…

…is a wall mounted pull up bar even the right option for you?

Let’s take a look and see…

As far as finding the best wall mount pull up bar, it’s fairly simple, these are the two best wall bars around, all other wall chin up bars you see are simply imitating the design of one of these two market leaders.

Ultimate Wall Mounted Pull Up barUltimate Wall Mounted Pull Up bar

Stud Bar Pull Up Bar
Stud Bar Pull Up Bar

Keep reading to see each of these wall bars in more detail…

Ultimate body press wall mounted pull up bar

Ultimate Body Press are a US (Pennsylvania) based company who specialize in making body weight exercise equipment, with two key products lines; Dip Bars and Pull up Bars. As well as the Ultimate Body Press Wall Pull Up Bar their Joist Mounted Bar is very popular.

ultimate wall mounted pull up bar grips

The bar has 4 different foam padded pull up grip positions allowing you to get a full range of workout positions to maximize the muscles you focus on:

  • Narrow grips positions allow you to perform either narrow grip pull ups or chin ups (difference between chin ups and pull ups)
  • Neutral grips set 16″ apart for performing neutral pull ups with palms facing each other
  • Shoulder width grips allow you to do standard pull ups
  • Wide grips set 38″ apart for doing extra wide pull ups to really work those back muscles

ultimate wall mounted pull up bar size

When the bar is mounted on the wall the bar grips are 12″ from the wall, these means you have plenty of room for standard form pull ups / chin ups, where you’re pulling straight up, but if you start swinging when you get tired you could catch your feet on the wall.

Due to the distance from the wall this bar is not suitable if you’re into CrossFit and want to do kipping pull ups. If you want a pull up bar for kipping take a look at the Stud Bar instead (below)

ultimate wall mounted pull up bar stud size

The mounting holes on the 2 wall brackets are set 16″ apart horizontally, so each bracket lines up with the standard width of internal studs. Then the holes on each bracket are 8″s apart vertically, forming a mounting rectangle of 8″ high by 16″ wide, making this very sturdy.

Installing the Ultimate Body Press Bar on a Stud Wall

Below is a copy of the installation instructions for the Ultimate Body Press bar, as you can see it’s fairly simple to install onto an internal stud wall.

Note: there are some review comments on Amazon and in some videos that mention about the installation instructions stating the wrong size to pre-drill the mounting holes ( 7/16″ instead of 7/32″), as you can see these have now been corrected by the manufacturers and the instructions you receive should now be correct.
ultimate wall mounted pull up bar installation
These instructions are also available for you to download as a pdf: Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar Installation Instructions

stud finder

Finding the studs can be tricky. You can use a hammer to knock on the wall and listen for change in sound as you hit on a stud, but this can be very hit and miss.

To avoid making a mess of your wall with holes that miss the stud, make sure you’ve got yourself something like this easy to user stud finder.

Mounting the Ultimate Body Press Bar on a Concrete Wall

Be it concrete, brick on cinder blocks, you can install your bar on any of them, but you will need to buy some extra concrete anchor bolts. The bar does ship with some plastic anchors, but throw those away they won’t be strong enough is masonry.

concrete anchor bolt for pull up bar

The Wej-It Sleeve-TITE HSA Sleeve Anchors were the best that I could find for ordering online. This ships with 100 in a pack, enough to cover your full home gym system 🙂

Alternatively just pick some up from your local hardware store, the size you’ll need are 5/16″ by 2 1/2″ with a minimum weight rating of 300lbs.

The Wej_it sleeve is rated for over 2,000 lbs, so you could get an elephant to do pull ups…….

Seriously though you couldn’t get an elephant to do pull ups on this bar…….

Elephant Pull Ups

……it’s only 12 inches from the wall, he’d bang he knee’s.

But it will hold you and you won’t bang your knees as long as you’re not swinging.

If you’re interested in the Ultimate Body Press bar, see here for Price Details

Stud Bar wall mount pull up bar

Stud Bar are based in San Marcos California, their key product is the Stud Bar, they also manufacture accessories for the bar such as Gymnastic rings and Pull up assistance bands.

The Stud Bar is the most durable bar you’ll find on the market and one of very few to come with a life time guarantee. It can be mounted to both the wall or the ceiling, this video should you exactly what you get in the box when you order:

There are 3 different sizes available for the Stud Bar, each size has two different bar mounting locations of closer or further from the wall:

  • Large, with the bar mounting 39″ or 31″ from the wall
  • Standard, with the bar mounting 22″ or 14″ from the wall
  • Small, with the bar mounting 14″ or 10″ from the wall

If you’re into CrossFit and are looking for a bar to do kipping on then go for the Large, this gives you plenty of room to swing and not bang against the wall.

Here’s how each of the 3 size Stud Bars stack up against each other:

stud bar wall mounted pull up bar size comparison

The Stud Bar is 48″ wide, which gives you plenty of room for wide grip pull ups to really zone in and work those back muscles. The bar itself is 1 1/4″ in diameter making the bar a perfect fit to hand.

The powder coating does help to prevent slippage, however the bar does not have any knurling and some people find that want event more grip. This can be easily solved with some athletic tape available in and color you want.

stud bar wall mounted pull up bar diameter

Installing the Stud Bar on a Wall

Installation of the Stud Bar is very easy, this video shows you how to install on wooden ceiling studs, the process to install on a wall is exactly the same.

If you’ve got metal studs this video shows you how to mount the Stud Bar to the wall:

The toggle bolts shown in the above video can be ordered directly from StudBar on their accessories page, where you will also find mounting hardware for concrete walls if required.

If you want to mount onto studs, make you’re not going to make a mess of your walls guessing where the studs are, get yourself an easy to use stud finder like this.

stud finder

Some Alternatives To Wall Mounted Pull up Bars

The wall mounted pull up bar is just one type, here are some alternative types of pull up bars to also consider:

Door Mounted Pull Up Bars

wall mounted pull up bar

Door frame pull up bars are cheap and very easy to fit and can be quickly removed again when finished with. Take a look at our door way pull up bar guide for an in depth look at choosing the best doorway pull up bar.

Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

ceiling mounted pull up barjoist mounted pull up bar

Ceiling pull up bars all mount onto the joists (studs) within your ceiling, there are two types available, those which mount onto the bottom of your ceiling studs like the Stud Bar and those which mount onto the side of an exposed joist or ceiling step, like the Ultimate Body Press.

Free Standing Pull Up Bar

free standing pull up bar

Free Standing Pull Up Bars have a wide enough foot print and are heavy enough to support your weight, without attaching to anything. As well as pull ups you can usually use a free standing pull up bar for a range of other exercises, such as push ups, sit ups and dips.

Power Racks

Power Rack

There are various other pieces of gym equipment which have pull up bars built into them, power racks for example, which you use to help you support weight while bench pressing or squat lifting, typically have a pull up bar integrated.

Pull Up Bar Accessories

There are various different accessories for use with a pull up bar, here’s a few of the most common you might be interested in:

Assistance Bands

Assisted Pull Up Bands

Assistance bands give you a little extra push, by tacking up some of your weight, making it slightly easier to do pull ups.

Useful when just learning to help you gradually build your strength to the point where you can perform unassisted pull ups, or add the bands into your workout towards the end to add in a few extra reps.

The bands come in various different resistances, so if you buy multiple bands you can reduce or increase the support they give you or even combine them together as necessary.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic Rings

The accessory for the ultimate upper body workout: attach the gym rings to your pull up bar and use them all sorts of gym ring exercises. Use gym rings for push ups, dips, pull ups, muscle ups and many more exercises to work your entire body.

The free to swing movement of the rings forces you to engage all your core muscles for stability that just doesn’t get enforced when using fixed apparatus.

Weight Limits For Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars


The Ultimate Body Press bar has a weight limit of 300 lbs and the Stud Bar has a massive weight limit of 600 lbs.

So even the biggest of guys don’t need to worry, these things can definitely take your weight.

Just take a look at this video of the Stud Bar being put through it’s paces by two fully kitted firemen

Muscles Worked by Wall Mounted Pull up Bar?

muscles used for pull ups

Doing pull ups will give you a great body weight workout, pull ups work a combination of muscles in your back, arms chest and core.

The amount of work done by each muscle group can be tailored based on the grip and style of pull up you do. Lifting your legs out straight in front will give you a great core workout, while having a wider grip will work you back more and using a narrower grip will focus on your arms and chest.

For a closer look at the difference between grips see pull ups vs chin ups.

Pull Up Bar Workouts

This is a great quick 5 minute workout you can do any time of the day.

This simple workout uses 4 reps of 10 pull ups, it starts with a focus on your back and gradually moves more towards your arms as you tire:

  • 10 X wide grip pull ups (palms away from you)
  • 10 X neutral grip pull ups (palms facing each other – only possible with over the top leverage bars as telescopic bars don’t have neutral – palm facing grips)
  • 10 X narrow grip pull ups (palms away from you)
  • 10 X narrow grip chin ups (palms facing you)

Try to do 10 full lifts with each rep, if you struggle as you tire and find you can only do 4 or 5 on the later reps then simply jump yourself up and slowly lower yourself back down for the remainder of the 10.

10 pull up workout challenge

If however you can’t yet do 10 pull ups to start with, head over to the 10 pull up workout challenge, which will help you go from not being able to do a single pull up to rocking out 10.

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