The biggest problem you will come across when buying a doorway pull up bar is figuring out if it will fit your doorway, the bars all say they “fit a standard size doorway“…but what does that mean, let’s take a look.

Is your doorway “standard size”?

Take a look at this graphic to help you determine if this type of bar is suitable for your home.

Will this doorway pull up bar fit my door

Use our Pull Up Bar pal to see the best pull up bars available and compare them side by side to find the one that meets your specific needs.

Door Frame Leverage Pull Up Bars

Top Door Frame Depth

The top of the door trim will need to be at least 0.4″ / 1 cm deep from front to wall, this is so the top of the bar has enough trim to sit on. You will find most leverage bars come with a small metal safety clip which pushes between the wall and the trim then hooks the top of the bar in place to stop it falling off when not in use (during use your body weight keeps it firmly in place).

Top Door Trim Height

Standard door trim height is somewhere in the range of  1″ – 3.75″ / 2.5 cm – 9.5 cm, if you door frame is larger than this the curvature of the bar may not allow it to pass through the door way or may throw off the angle of the bar.

Wall & Door Frame Depth

The combined width of both your wall and the door trim either side must be somewhere between 4.75″ and 6″ / 12 cm – 15.2 cm, anything thicker than this and you won’t be able to leverage the bar on either side of the wall. For example one of my doorways is into an extension so the wall used to be an external wall and is much thicker than standard, there’s no way I can use my bar in that door way, can’t even hang it up, let alone swing on it.

Door Opening Width

This is the piece that varies per bar, it’s generally somewhere in between 24″ – 34″ / 61 cm – 86 cm, but each bar is different.

Telescopic Adjustable Pull Up Bar

As these bars are the simplest, the only dimensions you need to worry about are the door opening width, which again varies per bar. The easiest way to find the right door way pull up bar for you is to use our pull up bar pal and enter in your doorway width to find which ones match.

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