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Big Mikes Doorway Chin Up Bar



Easy to install, and sturdy to use. One of the cheapest pull-up bars available in the market, this adjustable bar fits small door frames and may be attached and detached as desired


The middle section of the bar has the tendency to turn while used during pull-ups or chin-ups, sometimes requiring readjustment of grip in the middle of the set


Its slight instability is forgivable considering its versatility, compact design, and portability

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The Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is made with heavy-chrome plated steel bar with foam hand grips. The adjustable length of this telescopic pull-up bar can fit doorways from 24 to 36-inches wide. It includes screw-in brackets for secure mounting, providing support and durability. The diameter of the wall mount bracket is 2 inches, requiring at least 1.6 inches in diameter of door jamb width to give it ample support.

This bar is ideal for pull-ups, chin-ups, and even as support for sit-ups and dips. It comes with extra mounting brackets to put on the bottom of your door frame to turn this into a support bar for your feet if you want to do sit-ups or use for dips This makes for a great pull-up bar for those looking for usability and versatility, on top of being one of the cheapest of its kind the market today.

You will just have to set the mounting bracket in place in the desired height, and the pull-up bar may be attached to use and detached after use. When tightened against the wall though, it may leave your wall a little dirty, and the support screw may also crack your wall a little. Tightening and loosening the bar requires little effort.

With this small, compact, yet sturdy pull-up bar, it’s easy to use this at any doorway in the house; as long as its doorway mounting brackets are in place as well. The extendable bar, which extends on both ends, provides good tension to make it sturdier, however it is important the bar is used with the mounting brackets, otherwise you risk falling.

The padded foam grip is an added feature to this pull-up bar; made with high-quality foam, it provides comfort and grip with no slippage so you won’t need any gloves. You can also expect the pads to last for a long time.

As with all telescopic type bars, Big Mike’s only has one grip position, but it does support a wide variety of doorway sizes, from 25” all the way up to 36” and everything in between.

  • Relative Price : Cheap
  • Bar Type : Telescopic Chin up Bar
  • Other Exercises : Sit ups & Dips
  • Features : Padded Foam Grips, Portable, Adjustable, Compact
  • Max User Weight : 300lbs
  • Support Door Width : 24" to 36"
  • Number of grip positions : 1
  • Big Mikes Doorway Chin Up Bar
  • Big Mikes Doorway Chin Up Bar
  • Big Mikes Doorway Chin Up Bar
  • Big Mikes Doorway Chin Up Bar