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Elite Trapeze Free Standing Pull Up Bar



One of the few lightweight portable bars, easy to assemble & disassemble. You can adjust the height of the bar to perfectly fit you and it has no perishable material so is also suitable for outdoor use. Much more sturdy than the All in One.


Less stable than the heavier non portable pull up bars, relatively expensive and the side support height does not adjust, so you need very high ceilings


Most stable portable standalone pull up bar, ideal for outdoor use best suited for those prepared to pay extra for portability and stability.

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The TrapezeRigging Elite Trapeze is an amazingly lightweight and portable pull up bar.

While the design of this bar means it will wobble more than the heavier permanently assembled power towers, the extra stability footing makes this a lot more stable than the cheaper All in One trapeze from TrapezeRigging.

This is one of the most expensive free standing pull up bars, what’s you’re paying for is the ease of assembly, portability and disability along with the added stability footing. There is no perishable material involved in this bar it’s suitable for long term use outside.

The pull up bar is adjustable in 3 inch increments, but be aware the side support bars do not adjust so if you use this inside you’ll need a very high ceiling as the side supports are 92” tall. The top half can be completely removed so the dip grips can be used as a dip station and if you're really pushed for ceiling room you could perform L Sit pull ups like this.

Don’t let the light weight of this frame deceive you, as with the cheaper all in one, the Elite Trapeze is certified for up to 350 pounds user weight this is definitely one of the best portable free standing pull up bar available.

  • Dimensions: 54.5" Length x 48" Width x 77" - 92" Height (Relatively Short to Relatively Tall)
  • Power Tower Weight: 36 lbs (Very Light)
  • Stability: Fairly Stable
  • Padded Foam Grips: No
  • Portable: Yes
  • Adjustable Height: Yes
  • Suitable for Outdoor use: Yes
  • Can be used for Dips: Yes
  • Can be used for Knee Raises: No
  • Can be used for Push Ups: No
  • Can be used for Sit Ups: No
  • Can be used for TRX Suspension Training: No
  • Maximum Supported User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Elite Trapeze Free Standing Pull Up Bar
  • Elite Trapeze Free Standing Pull Up Bar