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GoFit Chin Up Bar



Open of the cheapest chin up bars available and comes with two sets of mounting brackets so it can be used at multiple heights


The mounting pieces on the bar are not totally flat and it doesn’t sit flush against the door frame and moving the bar from one set of brackets to another can also be difficult


The design of the mounting brackets can prevent you from shutting your door and it can be a challenge to move the bar from one position to another, once that’s said this is a great budget chin up bar and one of the only ones with multiple mounting brackets

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The GoFit chin up bar is telescopic and hence adjustable in length, it fits in door widths of 28” to 36” or across narrow passage ways.  The bar is well suited for chin-ups and pull ups and as it comes with multiple mounting brackets can also be mounted lower down to offer support for sit ups or dips. It can support up to 250lbs maximum user weight.

The chrome plated bar has a single grip position with padded foam grips and is very compact. While the bar itself is very portable, for safety reasons you really only want to use this with the mounting brackets, which need to be screwed in which means it’s not that easy to “safely” take the bar on trips with you.

To install the bar you need to screw both sets of mounting brackets onto your doorframe, one higher and one lower, which is very easily done with the provided screws. With each bracket being secured with 5 screws there’s plenty of stability.

The bar’s pads are can be repositioned, making it comfortable for you no matter what your doorway width. The Velcro-adjustable grips stay centered within the door frame during usage.

The hexagonal shape of the end of the bar that fits in the brackets means it won’t twist or spin while you’re using it and it fits very security into the doorframe brackets. The only downside being it fits so securely it can be a bit tricky to remove sometimes.

The design of the doorframe brackets mean that depending on your doorway, you may not be able to close the door with these brackets in place – which is a shame as they are screwed in, so removing all 4 means unscrewing 20 screws.

Even with the problems of the mounting brackets this is one of the few telescopic bars that ships with multiple mounting brackets and the GoFit chin up bar it’s an excellent cheap doorway workout aid.

  • Relative Price: Cheap
  • Bar Type: Telescopic Bar
  • Other Exercises: Sit ups & Dips
  • Features: Padded Foam Grips, Adjustable & Compact
  • Max User Weight: 250lbs
  • Supported Door Width: 28" to 36"
  • Number grip positions: 1
  • GoFit Chin Up Bar