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MS Sports Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar



Cheapest and most popular joist mounted bar


Requires installation and the bolts supplied may not be long enough, this is also the only bar without rubber grips


If you're looking for a non-door mounted bar this is the cheapest available and most popular joist bar

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As the name suggests, the MS Sports Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar fixes to a joist, though this doesn't need to be limited to only exposed joists, you could fix it to anywhere with a ceiling stepping from one height to another.

This bar does not come with rubber grips but rather 3 grip position "Knurled" grips, some users have reported the fixings may not be long enough, but that's simply remedied with a trip to the local hardware store.

This is the cheapest non-doorframe mounted pull up bar and is the most popular of the joist mounted bars. If you're on the heavy side and concerned about the supported user weight, this is certified up to 350lbs (159kg) but I think you'll find your joist would break before this bar, so just make sure whatever you fix it to is man enough.

  • Number Grip Positions: 3
  • Width: 48" (6.3cm x 68.5cm - 101.5cm x 122cm)
  • Max User Weight:  350lbs (159kg)
  • MS Sports Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar