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Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Pull Up Bar



The wide grip handle and adjustable size sets this bar apart. The weight limit of 300lbs makes this a stronger pull up bar than similar “non pro” Perfect Fitness Multi Fitness Gym pull up bar


One of the more expensive doorway bars


The more expensive price tag is justified by the varieties of grips you can use, the strength of the bar and the adjustable size

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The Perfect Fitness Multi Fitness Gym pro pull up bar is a door frame leverage for chin ups, pull ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and dips. It supports door widths of 27”-35” (internal dimensions of door frame), with length of 39”, depth 16-1/4”, and height of 10”.

The support pads on the side of the bar are 27” apart and are 5.5” long, for a total of 38” from the outside edges of the bar that sticks out on each side. Its heavy duty construction can support up to 300lbs in user weight, making this a key advantage over the lighter Perfect Fitness Multi Gym. It offers 4 in 1 gym capabilities.

This equipment has padded foam grips which support 5 grip positions including variations on narrow, neutral, and wide. When compared with the similar Perfect Fitness Multi Gym, this “pro” version also has additional wide grips. It is portable and compact, and you can stow it away easy when not in use.

The Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro has a unique flat design with thick foam pads to protect your door frames. It is easy to install and does not require any drilling or attaching of support caps on your doorframe.

The wide angled grip of this equipment allows you to comfortably perform wide grip pull-ups. It can help you achieve that “V-Cut” look with broad shoulders and narrow waist. Similar to the other doorway leverage bars you can target your arms, chest, core, or back with this single workout piece.

After completing your pull-ups and chin-ups, you can put this down on the floor as support for your push-ups, situps and dips – though be aware as with other doorway leverage bars the hight is not great enough to get very much depth of motion in your dips.

Its wide grip bar may extend pass the width of your doorway, so make sure you’ve got enough clearance either side of your doorway.

Its heavy duty construction can be adjusted in height to ensure a secure fit in most doorframes, take a look in the manual to see more details. It fits both small door frames and large ones. This equipment is also easy to assemble while being sturdy. Its uppers support bar also fits on thick-trimmed doorframes, and the padding prevents damage on your doorframe, however you may find the padding wears out after continued use.

The Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro pull up bar is priced in the top bracket of doorway bars, but that said if you’re looking for something that strong and sturdy yet adjustable to fit your specific doorway and wall, you won’t find a better buy.

  • Relative Price: Expensive
  • Bar Type: Door Frame Leverage
  • Other Exercises: Push ups, Sit ups & Dips
  • Features: Padded Foam Grips, Wide Grip Support, Portable, Adjustable & Compact
  • Max User Weight: 300lbs
  • Support Door Width: 27-35"
  • Dimensions Length: 39” Depth: 16-1/4” Height: 10”
  • Number of grip positions: 5
  • Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Pull Up Bar
  • Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Pull Up Bar
  • Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Pull Up Bar
  • Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Pull Up Bar
  • Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Pull Up Bar