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Wacces Door Pull Up Bar



Easy to assemble and comes with ab straps, which help you target your abs using leg raises


The foam grips may move around as you work out and the ab straps are not adjustable


Very similar in design and price to the Iron Gym Total, the ab straps are an added bonus not found any of the other door frame leverage pull up bars

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The Wacces Door Pull Up bar uses door frame leverage design so there is no need to screw anything into the door frame. This multi-functional pull-up, sit-up, or chin-up bar attaches to any standard 24” to 32” door frame. This may also be used for dips and leg raises with the included ab straps. It supports a maximum user weight of 300lbs.

The heavy duty metal bar comes with foam handle grips for comfort. It promises multi-functional training system for upper body exercise. Hang this on top of your door frame and you can have your personal gym in seconds. As with other doorway leverage bars, there is no need for screws of any sort, simply hook it over your doorframe and let your walls take the strain, when finished unhook it and put it away.

Great for targeting your shoulders, arms, back, and lats, hang this on your doorway for chin ups and pull-ups; or take it to the floor for deep push-ups and a greater range of motion without strain on your wrists. It can be used for tricep dips on the floor, but be aware as with all other doorway leverage bars, when used for dips you won’t get a great range of dip. You can also use this as support for your crunches and leg raises, working on your abs and obliques.

Wacces Door Pull Up bar also features 3 different grip positions—narrow grip, wide grip and neutral grip. This allows you to switch up your routines and try a variety of pull ups for your workout. As with the Iron Gym Total the wide grips may not be usable, depending on the size of your doorway the grips may sit on the side of the doorframe.

On the negative side, the foam grips can move around a little as you do chin ups, and unfortunately the ab straps are not adjustable, however the bar has a sturdy construction making for a great doorway workout.

The Wacces door bar is easy to assemble and use. Hang it up for a quick workout, then being compact in design, you can stow it away in a cupboard or under your bed when not in use

  • Relative Price: Average
  • Bar Type: Door Frame Leverage
  • Other Exercises: Push ups, sit ups, Dips & Knee raises
  • Features: Padded Foam Grips, Portable & Compact
  • Max User Weight: 300lbs
  • Support Door Width: 24" to 32"
  • Number of Grip positions: 3
  • Wacces Door Pull Up Bar
  • Wacces Door Pull Up Bar
  • Wacces Door Pull Up Bar
  • Wacces Door Pull Up Bar